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Float Shampoo

Float Shampoo

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A shampoo custom designed and crafter for Float Centers that is not overly stripping of natural oils, replenishing and great for all types of hair (great for dreads). This is our only product with a natural preservative, made with a high percentage of organic products. The shampoo is SLS free and paraben free! Our standard Float fragrance is created with a custom blend of essential oils that provide a sense of calm and relaxation while also enhancing blood flow to the brain and better cognition. We are careful to not have a strong scent, as to not overwhelm floaters completing their sensory deprivation experience. The oils used are extremely cleansing, anti-microbial and antifungal. The body wash reduces maintenance on tanks, decreases the appearance of scum lines, is natural, biodegradable, broken down by UV filters and works extremely well with hydrogen peroxide. Our soap is no soluble in tank water, so if for any reason a large amount of soap enters the tank, it can easily be skimmed, removed with filters!

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