Our Story

Chef Joe Mariano

Creator and Founder of Raw, CEC (Certified Executive Chef) Joseph Mariano began exploring with ingredients in the form of cooking from an extraordinarily early age. Upon graduating high school in New Jersey, Mariano joined the United States Navy as a Culinary Specialist, where he worked for 8 years. During those 8 years Joe learned as much as he could about a variety of topics, including soap making. 


It was in 2014 that Chef Mariano began creating masterful soaps that were both high quality and good for you. He discovered that by simply combining natural, yet powerful gifts of nature, he could harness the ultimate products. 


Coinciding with the start of Raw, Joe had finally found a local float center. He had been looking for one for over a year but being active duty Navy, he could never find one close enough to his duty station. After floating several times, the owners commissioned him to create a body wash and shampoo just for them. Upon completing testing and reformulations, he finally made the perfect float center body wash and shampoo. Three years later the product is still being used by 100's of floaters and people around the globe.  We look forward to creating more products for health conscious consumers and becoming part of more float center families in the years to come.